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Which enzymes work best in an acidic environment?

pH and Enzyme Function. Each enzyme functions best within a certain pH range. For example, the enzyme pepsin, which works in your stomach, functions best in a strongly acidic environment. Lipase, an enzyme found in your small intestine, works best in a basic environment.

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Just so, where in your body are there enzymes which work best at an acidic or low pH?

Your stomach has a low pH of 2, which makes it highly acidic to be able to digest all of the food that goes in. Enzymes present in your stomach will function best near a pH of 2. Hydrogen peroxide is a molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Also, why do enzymes work best at an acidic pH? Different enzymes work best at different pH values, their optimum pH. Many enzymes work fastest in neutral conditions. Making the solution more acidic or alkaline will slow the reaction down. For example, stomach enzymes have an optimum pH of 2, which is very acidic.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what happens to enzymes in acidic conditions?

pH: Each enzyme has an optimum pH range. Changing the pH outside of this range will slow enzyme activity. Extreme pH values can cause enzymes to denature. Enzyme concentration: Increasing enzyme concentration will speed up the reaction, as long as there is substrate available to bind to.

Why can Enzyme be used again and again?

Enzymes aren't changed or used up in the reactions they catalyze, so they can be used to speed up the same reaction over and over again. Each enzyme is highly specific for the particular reaction is catalyzes, so enzymes are very effective.

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