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Which countries have hummingbirds?

They range from southeastern Alaska and western Canada through the United States and Central America (including the Caribbean islands) down to Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost point of South America. 290 species are native to the South American countries of Colombia and Ecuador.

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Simply so, are there any hummingbirds in Europe?

Hummingbirds are native species of the New World and are not found outside of the Western Hemisphere except in a few zoos or aviaries. There are no hummingbirds found in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or Antarctica.

Additionally, what country has 52 different species of hummingbirds? Costa Rica

In this regard, which country has the most species of hummingbirds?


Are there hummingbirds in Germany?

Hummingbirds are from Germany. In a recent issue of Science, Mayr described a 30- to 34-million-year-old fossil discovered in a clay pit in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The tiny skeleton is almost identical to that of a modern hummingbird.

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