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Which color is best for exterior?

Shutters: While neutral accents work best, some homeowners like to coordinate with their door or trim color here.
  1. Gray. Trending both inside and out is gray in all shades.
  2. Beige. If you're looking to stay neutral, beige is a great exterior home color.
  3. Brown.
  4. White.
  5. Green.
  6. Navy Blue.
  7. Red.

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In this way, what is the most popular exterior paint color for 2019?

12 Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House

  • Off-White. 1/13. "The color you paint your home's exterior can make or break people's perception of your house," says Erika Woelfel, director of color marketing for Behr Paints.
  • Yellow. 2/13.
  • Light Blue. 3/13.
  • Gray. 4/13.
  • Taupe. 5/13.
  • Putty. 6/13.
  • Blue Gray. 7/13.
  • Wheat. 8/13.

Also Know, what exterior paint colors fade the most? Organic colors tend to fade more quickly then inorganic colors. Inorganic colors (beiges, browns, tans, and other earth-tone colors) are more stable on exterior exposure. The pigments used in these colors are less likely to break down then the pigments in organic colors such as reds, blues, greens and yellows.

One may also ask, what exterior color house sells best?

According to a national survey conducted by Sears Weatherbeater Paints, the most popular color for a home's exterior is white. The survey found that nearly 40 percent of those polled said they would prefer white as the primary color of their homes exterior.

How do I choose exterior house paint color?

If you're stuck, try pairing opposites in terms of color temperature. For example, if you have a warm red brick foundation and you want brown for your exterior paint, choose a taupe with cool gray/blue undertones instead of a peachy tan. Take advantage of technology.

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