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Which classification group is rhizopus?

Kingdom: Fungi
Class: Zygomycetes
Order: Mucorales
Family: Mucoraceae
Genus: Rhizopus

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In this way, what is the classification of rhizopus?


what are the characteristics of rhizopus? Rhizopus fungi are characterized by a body of branching mycelia composed of three types of hyphae: stolons, rhizoids, and usually unbranching sporangiophores. The black sporangia at the tips of the sporangiophores are rounded and produce numerous nonmotile multinucleate spores for asexual reproduction.

Herein, what phylum does rhizopus belong to?

Rhizopus stolonifer belongs to the phylum Zygomycota because it sexually produces zygospores and is considered saprophytic and parasitic. The Zygomycetes all have chitenous cell walls in a coenocytic mycelium and they lack motile spores.

What genus is Rhizopus nigricans?


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