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Which adjustable rate index is considered the most stable and slowest moving for long term mortgages?

The 11th District COFI is based on the cost of savings institutions in California, Arizona, and Nevada. It is probably the most steady and slow moving of these mortgage indexes, but tends to be higher.

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In this way, is it better to fix mortgage for longer?

This is most appropriate with a fixed-rate mortgage, as your monthly payments are fixed for the term. Generally speaking, the longer you fix for, the more it will cost. But if you need the certainty of knowing what your payments will be, a fixed mortgage will do this for you.

Subsequently, question is, will interest rates drop in 2020? Forecasts for 2020 say rates will average around 3.7%. For instance, rates could bounce between 3.5% and 4% all year, and you'd get an average of around 3.7%. But when you lock during that range is important. The good news is that 30-year fixed rates are now near 3.5% according to Freddie Mac.

Beside above, what is the current index for adjustable rate mortgages?

The Latest Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Indexes

Current Indexes for Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Last update: 02/18/2020
5 Year Treasury Security 1.42% 1.56%
10 Year Treasury Security 1.59% 1.76%
Monthly Treasury Average (MTA) Jan 20 1.9658%

Is 4.25 A good mortgage rate?

The new normal is 4.25 percent on the popular 30-year fixed loan. Some lenders are slightly lower, but not by much. Mortgage rates had been moving in a tight range throughout the first half of this year, generally around 3.75 percent—a little higher, a little lower.

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