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Where was the Seeker The Dark Is Rising filmed?


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Accordingly, where is The Dark Is Rising set?

The Dark Is Rising is set in the part of Buckinghamshire where Cooper grew up: Huntercombe is based on the small village of Dorney, and the Great Hall is Dorney Court.

One may also ask, what is the movie The Seeker about? When his family moves from the U.S. to England, young Will Stanton (Alexander Ludwig) feels like a fish out of water. But, he becomes an unlikely hero when he discovers he is the last in a line of warriors known as the Old Ones. The Old Ones protect the world from the forces of the dark. Will must assume the role of The Seeker, using special powers to find the signs hidden throughout the ages and restore the balance between Light and Dark.

Likewise, people ask, what is the climax of The Dark Is Rising?

It's the climax because it's the first time Will and the Rider come face-to-face to duke it out. They've met before, but it's always been in front of Will's family or out on the streets. Now it's time for them to show each other what they're made of, magic-wise.

What is the theme of The Dark Is Rising?

Power always comes at a cost in The Dark is Rising. Sure, Will gets to light things on fire with his mind, but he also has to deal with the constant threat of the Dark. Will's power means that he is more aware of the danger that is all around him.

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