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Where was the second crusade fought?

Iberian Peninsula

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Likewise, why was the second crusade fought?

The Second Crusade (1147–1149) was the second major crusade launched from Europe as a Catholic holy war against Islam. The Second Crusade was started in 1147 in response to the fall of the County of Edessa the previous year to the forces of Zengi. The armies of the two kings marched separately across Europe.

Furthermore, what were the major events of the Second Crusade? Events in Second Crusades

  • Cause of Second Crusade. 12/24/1144 - 1145. Muslims recapture Edessa which were previously owned by crusaders.
  • Muslim Forces. December 24,1144.
  • Pope's Effort. 12/1/1145.
  • Germany's Army. 05/01/1146.
  • Lisbon Captured. 10/1147 - 11/1147.
  • French Forces Left. 03/1148.
  • Withdraw From Siege. 07/28/1148.

Regarding this, why was the Second Crusade unsuccessful?

The Second Crusade failed because the Christian armies were not able to take control of Edessa or Damascus. The attack on Damascus was not well-planned, and after a four-day siege of Damascus, the Crusaders had to retreat. The result was a victory for the Muslim forces and a defeat for the Christians in 1149.

What were the consequences of the Second Crusade?

The Second Crusade began as an effort to reclaim the County of Edessa, the easternmost of the Crusader States; in the event, it did worse than nothing. It led to the loss of Jerusalem itself, and an end to the dream of making Outremer, the land beyond the sea, a self-sustaining Christian kingdom.

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