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Where was Mr Bean movie filmed?

Mr Bean Filming Locations. Episode 1: Mr Bean - At the very start of the episode when Mr Bean is trying to overtake the Three-wheeler, this is filmed along the driveway to Stanmer Hall in Stanmer, East Sussex. Likewise, the exterior shots of the examination hall are also filmed at Stanmer Hall.

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Also to know is, where was Mr Beans Holiday filmed?

Several Cote d'Azur locations are featured including a glorious shot of the Bay of Villefranche and Cap Ferat. With guidance from Film France and the Provence Film Commission, the panorama was shot from a well-known lookout, situated in a layby at the corner of Avenue Olivula and Chemin de Saint Michel.

Also, where does Mr Bean live? 12 Arbour Road, Highbury, London

Hereof, when was Mr Bean filmed?

Mr. Bean (TV Series 1990–1995) - Filming & Production - IMDb.

What disorder does Mr Bean have?

As an educated guess, I don't think Mr Bean fits the criteria of Schizotypal Personality Disorder or Schzoid Personality Disorder. He may well be on the Autistic spectrum but presents as someone primarily living with Generalised Anxiety, which causes him to be quite avoidant and overcomplicate simple social dilemmas.

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