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Where was hostel filmed?

Eli Roth, photo: CTK Set in Slovakia and filmed in the Czech Republic and Germany, "Hostel" tells the story of three backpackers who are abducted and sadistically murdered during a trip to Slovakia.

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Also question is, where is Hostel 2 filmed?


Secondly, does Paxton die in hostel? 9. Paxton (Hostel: Part II) – Decapitated. Paxton's (Jay Hernandez) death may happen off-screen, but that doesn't mean it's not brutal when you finally see it.

Also, who produced Hostel?

Eli Roth Mike Fleiss Chris Briggs

What does the guy say in German in hostel?

Ich werde es zerstören. English: If you kill me, it'll destroy your life.

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