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Where was Felipe Alou born?

Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic

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Keeping this in consideration, where did Felipe Alou grow up?

Alou grew up in the poor Dominican Republic city of Haina. He was a track star in high school but made the switch to baseball when he attended a university on the island. He played for the Dominican team in the Pan American Games, gaining the notice of a New York Giants scout in 1955.

Subsequently, question is, when did Felipe Alou come to the US? Chronology

1935 Born in Haina, Dominican Republic
1974 Retires as a player, becomes a manager and coach in the minor leagues
1976 Son Felipe Jr. drowns
1992 Becomes the first Dominican major league manager, for the Montreal Expos
1994 Named National League Manager of the Year

People also ask, why is Felipe Alou famous?

Felipe Rojas Alou (born May 12, 1935) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder, first baseman, and manager. He managed the Montreal Expos (1992–2001) and the San Francisco Giants (2003–06).

Where did Felipe Alou go to college?

Alou did not intend to pursue a pro baseball career; instead, he had been accepted to study pre-med at the University of Santo Domingo. However, when his father and uncle both lost their jobs, he was signed by New York Giants scout Horacio Martinez in late 1955 for just $200.

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