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Where should I put my stomp pad?

Your stomp pad should be placed on top of your board, just in front of your back binding for easy placement of the foot that is not strapped in. Before attaching the stomp pad, try standing on your board with your boots on and observing where your back foot naturally rests.

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Also question is, should I put a stomp pad on my board?

Another popular pro-stomp argument is that the stomp pad will protect your board from getting scratched. Stomp pads do help your deck from getting all scratched up but you end up with a big piece of rubber or some metal studs covering the design on your board. The choice is yours.

Furthermore, how do I install Dakine stomp pad? Carefully position the stars, studs or matt and apply pressure. Find something flat and heavy like a piece of wood and put in on top of the stomp. Put further weight on top of the wood to really weight it down. Leave it in a warm room overnight and your done.

Also to know is, what is a stomp pad for?

Snowboard stomp Pad is a rubbery or foamy (or whatever material that has high friction) pad that is attached to the top of the snowboard so you can stand on it, when your back foot is not strapped into the snowboard binding. Snowboard surface is slippery, especially when it is wet from snow.

What is the best stomp pad for a snowboard?

Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

  • Grayne Metal Studded Snowboard Stomp Pad.
  • Dakine Spike Stomp Pad.
  • Stage Pyramids Stomp Pad.
  • ToejamR Snowboard Stomp Pad.
  • Dakine Star Studs Stomp Pad.

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