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Where should I put my rain gauge?

The rain gauge should be installed at a reasonable distance away from obstacles such as buildings and trees. For example, if a tree is 40ft. tall (taller than a two story house) the gauge should be placed at least 80ft.

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In this manner, why should a rain gauge be placed in an open area?

Rain gauges should be placed in an open area where there are no buildings, trees, or other obstacles to block the rain. This is also to prevent the water collected on the roofs of buildings or the leaves of trees from dripping into the rain gauge after a rain, resulting in inaccurate readings.

One may also ask, does the diameter of a rain gauge matter? It doesn't matter because it is not the volume but the height of the water we measure. For example, on a yearly average, all oceans, lakes, outdoor swimming pools and rain gauges increase by nearly one meter!

how do you use a rain gauge accurately?

The optical gauge is has a funnel on top of a photodiode or a laser diode. Rainfall is measured by detecting optical irregularities. The funnel directs the drops at the light beam, then by measuring the intensity of scintillation it can electronically determine the rate of precipitation.

How do rain gauges work?

Standard Rain Gauge These gauges work by catching the falling rain in a funnel-shaped collector that is attached to a measuring tube. The diameter of the collector is 10 times that of the tube; thus, the rain gauge works by magnifying the liquid by a factor of 10.

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