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Where should a propane tank be stored?

Propane cylinders mustn't be stored close to or with other flammable or combustible materials. They should be stored in cylinder safety cages or cabinets in flat areas that don't collect water. They should be placed off the ground, on top of a surface that will not burn.

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Likewise, people ask, where is the best place to store propane tanks?


  • Don't leave your tank inside or in a shed.
  • Store the tank in a dry, well-ventilated outdoor area.
  • Keep your tank above −40 °F (−40 °C) in cold months.
  • Avoid keeping your tank in temperatures above 120 °F (49 °C).
  • Place your tank 10 feet (3.0 m) away from flammable materials.

Beside above, how do you store propane? Storage

  1. Keep propane cylinders outside. Never keep them indoors or in an enclosed area, such as a garage, shed or basement.
  2. Keep them in a cool place. Do not expose cylinders to heat above 120 degrees.
  3. Keep propane cylinders away from flames. That includes smoking or using spark-producing tools.

Simply so, can you store a propane tank in the garage?

Propane Tanks Always store propane tanks outside or in well-ventilated areas — never in your garage or other enclosed spaces. If you store a propane tank in the garage and a leak develops, it will only take a small flame from a pilot light or a match to cause a fire.

Will propane tank explode in sun?

It is safe to have gas bottles in the sun. Gas bottles in the sun will not explode. LPG gas bottles (propane tanks) are designed to be in the sun or shade, with reflective colours, room for expansion and pressure relief safety valves.

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