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Where is the nerve cord of an earthworm located?

Central nervous system
Earthworms' brains consist of a pair of pear-shaped cerebral ganglia. These are located in the dorsal side of the alimentary canal in the third segment, in a groove between the buccal cavity and pharynx.

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Beside this, what does the nerve cord do in an earthworm?

The earthworm's 'brain'. Earthworms have a simple nervous system. The cerebral ganglion is connected to a ventral nerve cord that runs the length of the body. Each segment is connected to this cord, allowing earthworms to move and respond to light, touch, chemicals, vibrations and more.

Additionally, where are the seminal vesicles located in an earthworm? Reproductive System The first structures you probably see are the seminal vesicles. They are cream colored and located toward the anterior of the worm. These are used for producing sperm. Use forceps to remove these white structures from over the top of the digestive system that lies underneath it.

Keeping this in view, do worms have a nervous system?

The nervous system of the earthworm is "segmented" just like the rest of the body. The "brain" is located above the pharynx and is connected to the first ventral ganglion. Earthworms have touch, light, vibration and chemical receptors all along the entire body surface.

What is the ganglia in an earthworm?

The cerebral ganglion, located at the front of the worm, serves as the brain. This nerve bundle is responsible for receiving external information such as light, heat, moisture and vibrations. The worm relies on the ganglion and a ventral nerve cord for sensory input from the world around them.

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