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Where is the Frontonasal suture?

The frontonasal suture is the cranial suture between the frontal and nasal bones. The term nasion is applied to the middle of the frontonasal suture.

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In this regard, where is the Occipitomastoid suture located?

Occipitomastoid suture labeled at bottom. The occipitomastoid suture or occipitotemporal suture is the cranial suture between the occipital bone and the mastoid portion of the temporal bone.

Beside above, where is the Intermaxillary suture? The intermaxillary suture is a cranial suture which is located immediately underneath the anterior nasal spine in the middle of the right and left maxillary bones.

Similarly, it is asked, where are cranial sutures found?

One suture in the middle of the skull extends from the front of the head to the back. The major sutures of the skull include the following: Metopic suture. This extends from the top of the head down the middle of the forehead, toward the nose.

What are the cranial sutures?

The cranial sutures include the metopic or interfrontal suture (between the frontal bones), the sagittal suture (between the parietal bones), the coronal suture (between the frontal and parietal bones), and the lambdoid sutures (between the parietal and interparietal bones).

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