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Where is the belt tensioner on a Ford f150?

The belt tensioner is located towards the passenger side of the engine just above the AC compressor. Remove the belt from the engine. If you're replacing the tensioner because it is stripped, you may remove the belt by cutting it off (cautiously).

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Beside this, how do you change a tensioner pulley on a Ford f150?

Pro Tip

  1. Insert your 1/2" drive ratchet or belt removal tool into the hole on the tensioner.
  2. Rotate it clockwise towards the driver side to release tension.
  3. While holding the tool, unhook the belt from a pulley.
  4. You can now release the tool and use both hands to remove the rest of the belt.

Furthermore, how do you release a tensioner pulley? If equipped with a tensioner screw, back off the tensioner screw. Then, push the alternator toward the other pulleys, loosening the belt. To loosen an NAI tensioner, loosen the locking nut or bolt, then back off the tensioner screw. Push the pulley toward the other pulleys or accessories, loosening the belt.

In respect to this, where is the serpentine belt tensioner located?

Locate the serpentine belt. Depending on the engine in your vehicle, the serpentine belt may be located at the front of the engine bay, or it may be along one side. There may be engine covers in the way, so be prepared to remove them if need be.

How do you know when to replace a belt tensioner?

The symptoms of a loose serpentine belt include a loud squealing noise when the engine is started or when the steering is turned all the way to one side. A serpentine belt that keeps slipping off the pulley is another symptom of a bad tensioner. The solution is to replace a serpentine belt and a belt tensioner.

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