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Where is Mario Benedetti from?

Paso de los Toros, Uruguay

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Simply so, where did Mario Benedetti live?

Exile. For 12 years, from 1973 to 1985, when a civic-military dictatorship ruled Uruguay, Benedetti lived in exile. He first went to Buenos Aires, and then to Lima in Peru where he was detained, deported and then given amnesty. He went to Cuba in 1976 and the following year to Madrid, Spain.

Also Know, what did Mario Benedetti do? 14, 1920, Paso de los Toros, Uruguay—died May 17, 2009, Montevideo), Uruguayan writer who was best known for his short stories. Benedetti was born to a prosperous family of Italian immigrants. Benedetti began his literary career by publishing poetry, but he soon turned to the short story and the novel.

Also question is, how did Mario Benedetti die?


When was Mario Benedetti born?

September 14, 1920

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