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Where is Greg Roman coaching?

Greg Roman
Baltimore Ravens
High school: Holy Spirit (Absecon, New Jersey)
College: John Carroll
Career history
As coach:

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Similarly, you may ask, has Greg Roman been a head coach?

1) Although he has never been a head coach, Roman has been in the NFL for 22 seasons dating back to 1995 when he got his start with expansion Carolina in a quality control role on the Panthers defense.

Likewise, how much do NFL offensive coordinators make? Based on a report on November 9th, 2019, on average, now an NFL offensive coordinator will earn $1 million per year.

Then, who is the Ravens offensive coordinator?

GREG ROMAN was named Baltimore's offensive coordinator in January 2019. Roman, a 22-year NFL coaching veteran, is in his second stint with the Ravens after re-joining the team in 2017. Since his return, Roman has made an impact on the offense and looks to build on recent success, including the NFL's No.

Who is the Ravens quarterback coach?

James Urban

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