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Where is Cleopatra's palace?


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Also to know is, what happened to Cleopatra's palace?

Queen Cleopatra was a full-blooded Greek and a mighty Egyptian Pharaoh. The earthquake and tsunami that sank the island of Antirhodos occurred a few centuries after Cleopatra's death, destroying and scattering the palace under about 10 meters of murky water in a small bay.

Additionally, did Cleopatra live in a palace? Obscured by murky water for more than 1,500 years, remains of the ancient capital of the Ptolemies have been found in Egypt's Port of Alexandria. According to the description of Alexandria by the Greek geographer Strabo, who was in Egypt ca. 25-19 B.C., the island was the site of Cleopatra's palace.

In respect to this, what was Cleopatra's palace called?

Strabo described the great city of Alexandria and an island just of its shore called Antirhodos, an island which was home to Queen Cleopatra's palace. Frank Goddio was now determined to find this lost palace. After 10 years of planning Giddio's team began to explore the lost, sunken island of Antirhodos.

How did Alexandria sink?

"In Alexandria itself," writes Nur, "both historical records and archaeological evidence of collapse have shown that the city was devastated both onshore and offshore by an earthquake in the mid- to late-eighth century A.D., and by one or two earlier earthquakes sometime during the period 200 to 600 A.D."

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