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Where is Cassiopeia in the night sky?

Cassiopeia is the 25th largest constellation in the night sky, occupying an area of 598 square degrees. It lies in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ1) and can be seen at latitudes between +90° and -20°. The neighboring constellations are Andromeda, Camelopardalis, Cepheus, Lacerta, and Perseus.

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Likewise, where is Cassiopeia in the sky?

The easiest way to spot Cassiopeia is to look for the "W" in the North. Keep in mind, the "W" may be on its side or inverted to form an "M." If you can recognize the Big Dipper (Ursa Major), the two stars at the edge of the Dipper point toward the North Star (Polaris).

Subsequently, question is, what does Cassiopeia look like in the sky? At nightfall, the constellation Cassiopeia the Queen is easy to recognize in the northern sky, either in the evening or before dawn. This constellation is shaped like a W or M and contains five moderately bright stars. The distinctive shape of Cassiopeia makes her very noticeable among the stars of the northern sky.

Subsequently, question is, where is Cassiopeia right now?

The constellation Cassiopeia the Queen can be found high in the northeast on October evenings, not far from Polaris, the North Star. At any time of year, you can use the Big Dipper to find Cassiopeia. These two star formations are like riders on opposite side of a Ferris wheel.

When can I see Cassiopeia?

The best time to view Cassiopeia is in November and December although the constellation will be low on the horizon, it will first appear around 10 pm in a northerly direction and be visible for a few hours as it heads westwards before dipping below the horizon between 1 and 3 am.

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