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Where is bramford in Endeavour?

After talking to Alison, Morse and Thursday go looking for Professor Donald Bagley. They find him in Magdalen College Chapel. The location that stood in for the local nuclear power plant, Bramford B, was Fawley Power Station.

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Also know, where was Endeavour harvest filmed?

Endeavour is largely filmed on location in Oxford and the surrounding area of Oxfordshire. Notable locations from Oxfordshire that feature in Endeavour include Oxford University's Boolean Library and Christ Church College. The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford was turned into a 1960s dance hall in Endeavour.

Furthermore, is Endeavour on ITV hub? Tonight's episode of Endeavour 2019 will be available to watch and stream online at the same time as it airs on television. ITV will make the instalment available to stream via the ITV Hub, which is accessible through the channel's website.

Similarly, where is the pub in Endeavour?

White Horse pub The White Horse has been used as a location by Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. It's a grade two listed building that date back to the 16th century. If you're planning to pay them a visit, they serve homemade food and a selection of real ales. Their address is: 52 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BB.

Does Endeavor Morse marry Joan?

Viewers might be left wondering where Joan (Sara Vickers) is in ITV's Endeavour series seven Endeavour's will-they-won't-they couple Endeavour Morse and Joan Thursday (the daughter of Endeavour's boss, Fred Thursday) have definitely had their ups and downs — yet there's an undeniable connection between the pair.

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