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Where does viral DNA replication occur?

Viruses with DNA Genomes:
Most DNA viruses replicate in the cell nucleus, which is where cellular replication and transcription proteins are localized. After infection, the nucleocapsid of DNA viruses is therefore usually delivered to the nucleus where uncoating occurs.

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In this way, where does viral replication occur?

Replication is within the cytoplasm. Viruses with segmented genomes for which replication occurs in the cytoplasm and for which the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase produces monocistronic mRNAs from each genome segment.

Additionally, how do DNA viruses reproduce? Viral replication is the formation of biological viruses during the infection process in the target host cells. Most DNA viruses assemble in the nucleus while most RNA viruses develop solely in cytoplasm. Double-stranded DNA viruses usually must enter the host nucleus before they are able to replicate.

Secondly, why must viral replication occur within a host cell?

The viral mRNA directs the host cell to synthesize viral enzymes and capsid proteins, and to assemble new virions. Of course, there are exceptions to this pattern. If a host cell does not provide the enzymes necessary for viral replication, viral genes supply the information to direct synthesis of the missing proteins.

How does viral DNA enter the nucleus?

In order to reproduce, an infecting virion enters the cell and traverses through the cytoplasm toward the nucleus. Using the cell's own nuclear import machinery, the viral genome then enters the nucleus through the nuclear pore complex.

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