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Where does the Vestibulocochlear nerve originate?

20.1. 1 Origin. The vestibulocochlear nerve originates between the pons and the medulla oblongata, by two roots, vestibular and cochlear, emerging behind the facial nerve (VII) and in front of the inferior cerebellar peduncle.

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Similarly, where does the Vestibulocochlear nerve exit the skull?

It emerges from the pontomedullary junction and exits the inner skull via the internal acoustic meatus (or internal auditory meatus) in the temporal bone. The vestibulocochlear nerve carries axons of type SSA, special somatic afferent, which carry the modalities of hearing and equilibrium.

Also, what does the Vestibulocochlear nerve do? The vestibulocochlear nerve is responsible for both hearing and balance and brings information from the inner ear to the brain. A human's sense of equilibrium is determined by this nerve. Two special organs help the nerve function properly: the cochlea and the vestibular apparatus.

Beside above, where does the Vestibulocochlear nerve innervate?

The vestibulocochlear nerve is the eighth cranial nerve and has two roles: innervation to the cochlea for hearing. innervation to the vestibule for acceleration and balance senses.

What causes damage to the Vestibulocochlear nerve?

Researchers think the most likely cause is a viral infection of the inner ear, swelling around the vestibulocochlear nerve (caused by a virus), or a viral infection that has occurred somewhere else in the body. (Genital herpes is not a cause of vestibular neuritis.)

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