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Where does Rougned odor live?

Early life and family. Odor was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on February 3, 1994.

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Hereof, where is Rougned odor?

Texas Rangers #12 / Second baseman

Subsequently, question is, does Rougned smell hurt? Odor sustained the injury while doing routine stretching exercises in the clubhouse just before going out to the dugout for the start of the game. Odor was placed on the 10-day injured list and is expected to miss a minimum of two weeks before being reevaluated. “Not fun,” Rangers manager Chris Woodward said.

Also to know is, what number is Rougned odor?

12 Texas Rangers / Second baseman

How old is Rougned odor?

26 years (February 3, 1994)

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