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Where does PBteen ship from?

Once you've made your purchase, will ship your item(s) to the Borderfree shipping hub in the United States. Borderfree will then ship your order to its final international destination.

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Furthermore, does Pottery Barn US ship to Australia?

Contact Us Today! Pottery Barn products can be shipped to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia through Shipporter. We also ship from other major retailers like Amazon, Overstock, and Williams Sonoma and can import from the UK and China, as well as the US.

Furthermore, can I return PBteen to Pottery Barn? Eligible items can be returned for a refund of the merchandise value within 30 days of receiving an order or seven days for Quick Ship upholstery items. For Online Purchases: Visit our returns page to create a UPS shipping label or visit your local store to make a free return.

Consequently, does Pottery Barn deliver to Canada?

Yes. Through our partnership with FiftyOne, we are pleased to provide international shipping for customers in over 90 countries, including Canada. Shop in your preferred currency with your final price guaranteed.

Is there a Pottery Barn in the UK?

There is no Pottery Barn store in the UK, England, or London, but you can access Pottery Barn Kids branded items, which I'll talk about more below. Even so, you can't just walk into a Pottery Barn Kids store or Pottery Barn store in the UK as they don't exist.

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