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Where does Mississippi Trial 1955 take place?

Mississippi Trial, 1955 is a historical fiction novel about the abduction and murder of Emmett Till in Greenwood, Mississippi. The narrative portrays the racism that plagues the south in the Civil Rights Era through the fictional story of a young white boy named Hiram Hillburn and his friendship with Till.

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Also know, what is the setting of Mississippi Trial 1955?

The Mississippi Trial 1955 historical fiction novel setting happened in Greenwood Mississippi, Arizona, and Chicago they never went to Chicago but that is where Emmett lived and his mother. Being in Greenwood Mississippi it had a huge impact on how Emmett was treated different than he was when he was at home.

One may also ask, who wrote Mississippi Trial 1955? Chris Crowe

Thereof, what genre is Mississippi Trial 1955?


Who Killed Emmett Till?

In September 1955, an all-white jury found Bryant and Milam not guilty of Till's kidnapping and murder. Protected against double jeopardy, the two men publicly admitted in a 1956 interview with Look magazine that they had killed Till. Till's murder was seen as a catalyst for the next phase of the civil rights movement.

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