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Where does canary grass grow?

Reed canary grass, or Phalaris arundinacea, a perennial plant that occurs throughout much of the world except for Antarctica and Greenland, flourishes in moist soil, although it can survive drought conditions.

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Also know, how do you grow canary grass?

How to Grow Ribbon Grass, Canary Grass (Phalaris) It is best to sow Ribbon grass, Canary Grass and other Phalaris Plant seeds outdoors. They can be sown about 30 to 60 cm apart, either before the first frost of winter or at the start of spring. Once sown lightly cover the ribbon grass seed.

Subsequently, question is, what is canary grass used for? Forage: Reed canarygrass is primarily adapted for permanent hay or pasture on sites too wet for good performance of other forage plants. The forage should be grazed or mowed prior to heading as both quality and palatability decline rapidly after heading.

Furthermore, where did reed canary grass come from?

DISTRIBUTION: Native to Europe, reed canary grass has been speculated as being also indigenous to Asia and parts of North America. In the U.S., it is now present in 43 states.

Why is reed canary grass a problem?

The dense growth characteristic this plant causes a number of problems. As stands thicken they can impede the flow in watercourses, leading to siltation and eventual loss of habitat for native species of plants and animals. Once reed canary grass is established, control or eradication is very difficult.

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