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Where does bee balm grow best?

Bee balm grows in a clump with 3-foot tall stalks. Most bee balm varieties are perennials and will grow in average to well-drained soil in full sun. You can grow bee balm from seed, but it establishes quicker when planted from divisions from a friend's garden or purchased plants from your local garden center.

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Simply so, does bee balm need full sun?

Site Requirements Bee balms perform best in full sun. While plants tolerate partial shade, they won't flower as heavily and are more susceptible to powdery mildew. They also prefer moist, well-drained soils.

Additionally, is bee balm invasive? Native to the eastern portion of North America, bee balm flowers, which bloom in mid to late summer, has many uses. In fact, the plant, which is a member of the mint family, can become so invasive that you will be forced to find methods to eradicate it because bee balm quickly spreads via underground rhizomes.

Similarly, where does bee balm grow well?

A perennial favorite native to North America, bee balm (also called wild bergamot) is beloved in flower beds for its beautiful blooms of red, pink, purple or white—not to mention the fragrant foliage. Here's how to plant and grow bee balm in your garden!

Do bee balm plants spread?

Bee balm propagates by rhizomes, or runners, that spread under the ground to produce new shoots. As these shoots multiply, the mother plant in the center will eventually die off over the course of a couple years. This means your bee balm will eventually be far from where you planted it.

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