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Where do you park for Golden Gate?

There are two parking lots at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, one on each side of the bridge.
  • Vista Point parking lot (east side)
  • North Tower parking lot (west side)

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Correspondingly, does Golden Gate Park have free parking?

Getting To Golden Gate Park Use 511. Instead, visitors can park at the Music Concourse Garage, which is open 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. every day, and costs $3.50 an hour during the week, $4 an hour on weekends (bicycle parking is free). The north entrance is at 10th Ave. and Fulton St.

Also Know, is there an entrance fee for Golden Gate Park? During the day, Golden Gate Park is free. Special attractions, such as the museums require fees (including Japanese Tea Garden and Conservatory of Flowers).

Just so, is there parking at Golden Gate Bridge?

GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE PARKING Parking at the visitor center is very limited and driving is generally discouraged during peak travel season. The Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center has a small parking lot with a 2-hour limit.

Can you drive through Golden Gate Park?

Golden Gate Park FAQ. How many different ways can I enter Golden Gate Park by car? The main drive-in entrance is located from the Panhandle via Fell St to JFK Drive. The second most-used entrance is from 9th Avenue (off of Lincoln Blvd), which offers easy access to many different park sights.

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