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Where do long period comets come from?

Comets are believed to have two sources. Long-period comets (those which take more than 200 years to complete an orbit around the Sun) originate from the Oort Cloud. Short-period comets (those which take less than 200 years to complete an orbit around the Sun) originate from the Kuiper Belt.

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Similarly, what are long period comets?

Long-period comets have orbital periods longer than 200 years. In addition, their orbits are often highly inclined to the ecliptic suggesting that they, like the short-period Halley-type comets originate in the spherical shell of icy bodies known as the Oort Cloud.

Additionally, what are comets and where do they come from? Comets come from two major areas of our solar system: the Kuiper (pronounced KY-per) Belt and the Oort (pronounced OR-t) Cloud. Each of these regions contains billions of comets, but they have so much room in these vast rooms of space that they get no closer to each other than we on Earth do to the sun.

Similarly, how many long period comets are there?

By taking the size of the Oort cloud into account, and the number of long-period comets that have been seen, astronomers estimate that a staggering one 'trillion' (12 zeros) comets may be out there!

What is the difference between a short period comet and a long period comet?

The long period comet orbits are oriented in all different random angles while the short period comets orbits are within about 30 degrees of the solar system plane (ecliptic). These orbital characteristics point to two regions beyond the realm of the planets: the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt.

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