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Where do Blue Jays build their nests?

Blue Jays build their nests in the crotch or thick outer branches of a deciduous or coniferous tree, usually 10-25 feet above the ground. Male and female both gather materials and build the nest, but on average male does more gathering and female more building.

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Moreover, what time of year do blue jays nest?

Occasionally, a mating pair of blue jays will appropriate a nest of another bird species and then use it as their breeding nest. The breeding season for blue jays is quite long, from March to July. In a given locale mating pairs emerge from the courtship groups at any time during this five month season.

where do Blue Jays sleep at night? Blue Jays: These beautiful birds will seek out dense, evergreen vegetation to sleep inside at night. By hiding among the foliage, they're protected from the worst elements. Chickadees: These birds usually roost on their own inside of tree hollows, bird boxes and cracks in buildings.

Also know, do Blue Jays return to the same nest?

Sometimes baby blue jays will practice wandering up to 15 feet from the nest a few days before the whole brood leaves together. These birds are often mistaken for "abandoned" baby blue jays, but are best left alone or returned to the nest.

Do Blue Jays steal eggs?

Blue jays and other members of the crow family are notorious egg-stealers. They are intelligent and aggressive and will raid other birds' nests to steal eggs, young birds, and even the nest itself. So yes, the blue jays in the painting are indeed eating another bird's eggs.

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