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Where did the La Belle sink?

Matagorda Bay

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Similarly one may ask, what artifacts were recovered from the shipwreck La Belle?

In addition to the ship, recovered artifacts tell the stories of La Salle, the French sailors and colonists aboard La Belle, and the regional American Indians who encountered them. See the finger rings, hawk bells, colored glass beads, and knives that the French brought to trade with the American Indians.

Furthermore, what happened to the first ship that La Salle lost? La Salle led a group eastward on foot on three occasions to try to locate the mouth of the Mississippi. In the meantime, the flagship La Belle, the only remaining ship, ran aground and sank into the mud, stranding the colony on the Texas coast.

Herein, what happened to La Salle's ships?

In 1684, French King Louis XIV sent explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, across the ocean with four ships and 400 people to North America. In 1686, La Belle, the one remaining expedition ship, wrecked in a storm and sank to the muddy bottom of Matagorda Bay where it rested undisturbed for over 300 years.

What country did Sieur de La Salle represent?


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