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Where did the Eora people come from?

The Eora /j??r?ː/ (Yura) are an Aboriginal Australian people of New South Wales. Eora is the name given by the earliest settlers to a group of Aboriginal people belonging to the clans along the coastal area of what is now known as the Sydney basin, in New South Wales, Australia.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how did the Eora people live?

The traditional Eora people lived along the coast of the Sydney region, surrounded by beaches, rivers, mountains and forests. They travelled along the coast and fished in bark canoes. The Eora people did not grow or plant crops - they ate the berries, seeds and fruit that the land provided.

Secondly, what did the Eora people eat? The area around Sydney Harbour was rich in food. The Eora lived well on fish and shellfish. There were also a variety of animals for the Eora people to eat like yurungi (wild duck), mirral (crested pigeon), bunmarra (lizard), honeybees, danugannuwa (a tasty worm found at the bottom of grass trees) and bulada (snake).

Thereof, who was the leader of the Eora people?

On 26 January 1788, the Gadigal people watched as the First Fleet landed in Warrane and Captain Arthur Phillip raised the Union Flag on Gadigal land. As the colonisers began to fish, clear land and shoot wildlife, the local water source was polluted and Aboriginal lifestyles were disrupted and destroyed.

What happened to the gadigal people?

The disastrous 1789 smallpox epidemic was estimated to have killed about 53% of Sydney's indigenous population, and it was claimed that only three Cadigal people were left alive sometime in 1791, although archaeological evidence suggests that some Cadigal people may have escaped to the Concord area and settled there.

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