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Where did St Paul travel?

St Paul's Travels in Turkey. Paul was an Anatolian, born in the Roman city of Tarsus on the eastern Mediterranean coast of what is now Turkey. He traveled extensively in “Asia” (ie, Asia Minor, or Anatolia) spreading Jesus's teachings.

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People also ask, where did St Paul go on his journey?

After his journey from Ephesus, Paul landed in Caeserea on the coastline of Palestine. Then he went up before to Jerusalem and finally to Antioch. When Paul started his third missionary trip, the city in his mind was Ephesus and that was the main aim of his third trip.

Secondly, where did St Paul travel on his first journey? 1st Journey of St. Paul. After their return (Actr 12.25) the Church of ANTIOCH (Antakya , Turkey) sent Saul and Barnabas out on the - FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY -. They set sail for CYPRUS, accompanied by John Mark.

People also ask, what places did St Paul visit?

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  • Amphipolis. a city of Macedonia near the northern Agean coast, on Paul's second missionary journey (Ac 17:1).
  • Antioch (of Syria) a city on the Orontes River where followers of Christ were first called Christians (Ac 11:22-26).
  • Antioch (of Pisidia)
  • Antipatris.
  • Apollonia.
  • Appian Way.
  • Appi Forum.
  • Arabia.

Where did Paul travel in Greece?

These were some of the major spots where the Apostle Paul traveled while he was in Greece. Other places include Samothrace, Kavala, and Veria. Despite the difficulties he faced while he traveled, his teachings did spread.

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