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Where did Scott Cochran go to college?

A native of New Orleans, Cochran received a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from LSU in 2001 and added a master's degree in sports management from LSU in 2003. Cochran was born on March 21, 1979, and is married to the former Cissy Schepens.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, is Scott Cochran leaving Alabama?

Longtime Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran has left the program to take an on-field coaching job as Georgia's special teams coordinator under friend and former Crimson Tide coaching colleague Kirby Smart. Both schools confirmed the move later Monday afternoon.

Secondly, who is Scott Cochran? Scott Cochran joined the Alabama Football staff in 2007 and has made a huge name for himself since then. Serving as the strength and conditioning coach, Cochran can be heard from a mile away and can be found jumping up and down for nearly the entirety of an Alabama football game.

Herein, who is the strength coach at Alabama?

Scott Cochran

Who will replace Scott Cochran at Alabama?

Georgia coach Kirby Smart was finally able to lure Scott Cochran away from Alabama. But not in the capacity one might expect. The Bulldogs announced late Monday that Nick Saban's longtime strength and conditioning coach will replace Scott Fountain as Georgia's special teams coordinator.

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