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Where did Holden get his red hunting hat?

Holden Caulfield gets the red hunting hat while he is in New York City on the day that the novel starts (this is when he is in with the fencing team and loses all their stuff). Right after he loses the swords, they get out of the subway and he sees the hat in the window of a sporting goods store.

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Consequently, who gave Holden the red hunting hat?


Also, why does Holden wear his hat indoors? Holden wears his beloved red hunting hat backward like a catcher and tends to wear it often in private. Therefore, Holden wears his red hat indoors to make him reconnect with his childhood, express his individuality, and experience a brief respite from confronting adulthood.

Correspondingly, how does the red hunting hat symbolize Holden?

Holden's red hunting hat is one of the main symbols in the book, The Catcher in the Rye. The hat represents individuality and uniqueness. It symbolizes the confidence, self esteem, and comfort in who someone is. The hat is a symbol that Holden uses to tell Phoebe that she should always stay the same.

Why does Holden wear his hat backwards?

He prefers to wear the hat backwards “as a badge of his nonconformity and his rebellion against the rest of society” (Vanderbilt 297). Holden calls his hat “crazy” and Ackley says that Holden “got robbed” even though he only paid a buck for it (Salinger 205, 22).

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