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Where can I pay my El Paso Electric Bill?

EPE customers can pay their electric bill at any Walmart or Kmart store in the United States. El Paso Electric. For your convenience, 24-hour payment drop boxes are located in El Paso, Fabens, Van Horn, Las Cruces, and Anthony. Payments will be processed the next business day.

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In respect to this, can I pay my El Paso Electric Bill?

Paying your El Paso Electric bill and/or your security deposit can be done online or by telephone. Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays). The payments are processed by BillMatrix. There is a service fee of $2.35 for all forms of payment made using this service.

Furthermore, how can I pay my electric bill by phone? Pay By Phone

  1. Call 1-800-655-4555 to make a one time payment over the phone.
  2. Call 1-800-877-8600 to save your banking information for future use with Pay by Phone.
  3. No Fee.

Considering this, where do I go to pay my electric bill?

You may pay your electric bill at the following locations:

  • Our offices - See Locations**
  • Western Union locations* Food Pantry. Foodland. Money Mart. PayDayHawaii. Sack n Save. Safeway. Times Super Market. Walgreens. Whalers General Store. Molokai Community FCU (Members only)

Can I pay electricity online?

If you have an online account please log in to make a payment. If you don't have an online account but would like one, you can sign up for one here. Please enter your account details to make a payment. If you pay by Direct Debit, you can still make a payment by debit/credit card.

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