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Where can I hunt Ocellated Turkey?

Our Ocellated Turkey hunt is located a in the heart of the jungle, a short drive from the Campeche airport. Guests are greeted at the airport and transported to the lodge. Ocellated Turkey hunts are typically 5 days.

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Furthermore, how do you hunt an ocellated turkey?

Hunting methods Ocellated turkeys are hunted like other kinds of wild turkey, by calling a male tom in range during the mating season. Guides often use ground blinds to conceal hunters from their prey. In the fall season, ocellated turkey hunting is done in agricultural areas by stalking or waiting from a blind.

Beside above, do ocellated turkeys have beards? The male Ocellated has a blue fleshy “crown” behind its snood. The male Ocellated turkey also does not have a beard like its North American male cousins. Another major difference in the Ocellated and North American turkeys is that the males do not gobble.

do ocellated turkeys gobble?

Male Ocellated turkeys don't gobble, they sing. They wear no beards, weigh far less than U.S. birds, and still, these jungle turkeys are as wary as any U.S. tom. Male and female coloration is similar; only male Ocellated turkeys have spurs. Historically, hunters shot roosted turkeys off the limb.

Are there turkeys in Brazil?

The South American origin of the turkey is noted in the small print on the back of the packs but most shoppers are unlikely to check, assuming that supermarket turkeys are reared in this country. It is still selling frozen turkey crowns from Brazil and said there are some 17,000 sitting on shelves.

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