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Where can I buy blue apron gift cards?

You can buy a Blue Apron Gift Card which either covers one week or multiple weeks directly from the official website. Just head on over Click on 'Meals,' and then choose 'Gift Type. ' Then enter the amount you want to spend which ranges from $60 to $240 or enter a custom amount.

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Also asked, can I buy a blue apron gift card in a store?

Yes! You can purchase a meals E-Gift Card in any amount that you'd like, applicable towards weekly recurring deliveries on any meal plan.

Secondly, can I send blue apron as a gift? It's exciting! You can choose to give one week, two weeks, or a full month of meals. Simply pick the notification date, and we'll send the lucky, lucky eater all the information needed to get cooking–they can start getting meals whenever they want! Go here to get gifting.

does Costco sell blue apron gift cards?

Costco is selling 2-Pack $50 Blue Apron Gift Cards on sale for $64.99. This deal is only for Costco Members. Gift cards are shipped free. These are normally $79.99 for the 2-pack.

How do I redeem my blue apron gift card?

Enter the URL followed by your unique 12-character long code on the back of your gift card. For any additional gift cards you have, visit the redemption page to apply your gift credits. The value of your gift cards will be automatically applied to your next order(s).

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