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Where are transferases found?

Transferases are located on the luminal side of the endoplasmic reticulum, opposite to the cytosol-facing location of the cytochrome P450s that are often responsible for providing the functional group necessary for glucuronidation and away from where the UDP-glucuronic acid cosubstrate is produced.

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Just so, what are the examples of transferases?

These enzymes, called transferases, move functional groups from one molecule to another. For example, alanine aminotransferase shuffles the alpha-amino group between alanine and aspartate: Other transferases move phosphate groups between ATP and other compounds, sugar residues to form disaccharides, and so on.

Likewise, where are Isomerases found? Isomerases are the largest subfamily of B12-dependent enzymes found in bacteria, which play important roles in fermentation pathways. The only exception is methylmalonyl-CoA mutase, an enzyme required for the metabolism of propionyl-CoA in man as well as in bacteria.

Accordingly, what is the function of transferases?

A transferase is any one of a class of enzymes that enact the transfer of specific functional groups (e.g. a methyl or glycosyl group) from one molecule (called the donor) to another (called the acceptor). Transferases are involved in myriad reactions in the cell.

Where are enzymes located in the body?

Digestive enzymes are mostly produced in the pancreas, stomach, and small intestine. But even your salivary glands produce digestive enzymes to start breaking down food molecules while you're still chewing. You can also take enzymes in pill form if you're having certain digestive problems.

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