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Where are the zombies in Blackout Black Ops 4?

Zombies can be found at the following locations: Asylum (east of the map), maze by the Mansion (southeast of Asylum), Estates (north of map), Diner (west of the map between Array and Nuketown Island), Lighthouse (southwest corner of the map), the wooded area between Fracking Tower and Nuketown Island, and the beach

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In this manner, where are the zombies in blackout?

Here are the 5 known Blackout Zombies Locations: EditDinet / TranZit Diner – Climp the ladder inside the diner and find the Mystery Box on top of the building. Assylum – You can find the Mystery Box on the second floor, inside the assylum. Graveyard – Find the zombies on the south-east area of the graveyard.

Furthermore, how do you get zombies to spawn in blackout? Zombies tend to spawn within the main mansion. Look for the Mystery Box on the second floor of the mansion near the bathrooms. Graveyard - Just southeast of the Asylum is a Graveyard where zombies are known to pop up. The Mystery Box will appear in the middle of the cemetery.

Also question is, is there Zombies in Black Ops 4 blackout?

Zombies are back in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and have a special feature in Blackout, Call of Duty's first Battle Royale mode. In Blackout, Zombies spawn all over the map.

How do you get the Mystery Box in Black Ops 4 blackout?

To open the mystery box in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode, players just need to hang around the mystery box and kill all the zombies that spawn. Eventually, the mystery box will open, granting players access to some great loot inside, including things like level 3 armor, rocket launchers, and more.

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