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Where are the stomata?

The majority of stomata are located on the underside of plant leaves reducing their exposure to heat and air current. In aquatic plants, stomata are located on the upper surface of the leaves.

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In this manner, are stomata on the top or bottom?

Stomata are usually present on the lower epidermis. In order to minimize transpiration that occurs with gas exchange, most dicot plants have their stomata on the lower epidermis. On the other hand, monocot plants such as corn can have their stomata on both the top and bottom sides of leaves.

Likewise, how does the stomata open and close? Stomata are tiny holes found in the underside of leaves. They control water loss and gas exchange by opening and closing. In bright light the guard cells take in water by osmosis and become plump and turgid . In low light the guard cells lose water and become flaccid , causing the stomata to close.

Likewise, people ask, what are stomata surrounded by?

A stoma (pl. stomata) is a microscopic pore on the surface (epidermis) of land plants. It is surrounded by a pair of specialized epidermal cells called guard cells, which act as a turgor-driven valve that open and close the pores in response to given environmental conditions.

Are stomata found on both sides of a leaf?

Stomata are found on stamens and gynoecia. Stomata can be distributed in the following ways on the two sides of a leaf: An amphistomatous leaf has stomata on both surfaces. Most plants have such a distribution.

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