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Where are Milani products made?

Parent: Gryphon Investors Inc

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Regarding this, who manufactures Milani?

The company began with the creation of Jordana Cosmetics in 1986 and grew with the purchase of Milani in 2001. Milani products are primarily manufactured in the U.S. and Italy.

Gryphon Investors To Make Majority Investment in Milani Cosmetics, Fast-Growing Indie Brand.

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Beside above, where are ColourPop products made? ColourPop Cosmetics was created in Los Angeles. The company is still based out of LA and ColourPop products continue to be manufactured in California.

Just so, is Milani made in China?

Milani is a certified cruelty-free cosmetic company. They do not test on animals, use ingredients that have been tested on animals or sell their products in China.

When was Milani Cosmetics founded?


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