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Where are integral proteins synthesized?

Topologies of some integral membrane proteins synthesized on the rough ER. Segments of the protein chain in the membrane bilayer are shown as transmembrane α helices; the portions outside the membrane are folded.

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Similarly one may ask, where are plasma membrane proteins synthesized?

Membranes and their constituent proteins are assembled in the ER. This organelle contains the enzymes involved in lipid synthesis, and as lipids are manufactured in the ER, they are inserted into the organelle's own membranes.

Similarly, where are the hydrophobic parts of a integral protein most likely located? The portions of an integral membrane protein found inside the membrane are hydrophobic, while those that are exposed to the cytoplasm or extracellular fluid tend to be hydrophilic. Transmembrane proteins may cross the membrane just once, or may have as many as twelve different membrane-spanning sections.

In this manner, where does the synthesis of membrane protein mostly occur?

Proteins, most lipids, and a few carbohydrates of cell membranes are synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum. Many lipids species and most carbohydrates of membranes are synthesized in the Golgi apparatus. Most membrane molecules are transported to their final location by vesicular trafficking.

Where are proteins made?

Proteins are synthesized on ribosomes that read the mRNA and decode it to stringing together a defined series of amino acids. In animals, you find the ribosomes in the cytoplasm, although they can stick to the cytoplasmic surface of the endoplasmic reticulum if they are producing membrane-bound or export proteins.

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