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Where are Dreamline shower doors manufactured?

About DreamLine
Headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania, DreamLine is a market leading, technology-driven designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium shower products including frameless glass shower doors, shower enclosures, tub doors, and acrylic shower bases.

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Similarly, who makes the best shower doors?

Top 10 Best Shower Doors in 2020 Reviews

  • Dreamline Enigma-X shower doors.
  • DreamLine Infinity-Z.
  • Dreamline Enigma.
  • KOHLER K-702207-L-NX Fluence.
  • DreamLine Mirage.
  • Aston SDR978-SS-60-10.
  • VIGO Elan Frameless shower door.
  • VIGO Pirouette frameless shower door.

Beside above, which way should a shower door swing? Shower Door Swing When planning your shower design, keep in mind that Building Code Requirement IRC P 2708.1 (2000 edition) states that all hinged shower doors must open outwards. Hinged shower doors that swing inwards only are not permitted by code.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the difference between hinge and pivot shower doors?

A pivot hinge is secured top-to-bottom. Only most pivot-hinged shower doors mount top-to-bottom at the corners of the door, allowing the door to swing 180 degrees in each direction. (Pivot hinges that are center-mounted create a true revolving door.)

What is a pivot shower door?

A pivot shower door is a swinging door that has a pivot hinge allowing the door to open in either direction. Pivot shower doors can swing 180° so they can open in or out. Pivot hinges are the design used on most ultra-modern curved glass shower doors.

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