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Where are all the shards in the hinterlands?

  • South of Calenhad's Foothold. (4 shards)
  • South-east of Upper Lake Camp overlooking King's Road. (4 shards)
  • At Redcliffe Farms, south-east of Master Dennet's house. (5 shards)
  • At the front of Grand Forest Villa, far south-west of the map. (5 shards)
  • In Lady Shayna's Valley, north of Dusklight Camp. (4 shards)

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Keeping this in view, where are all the shards in Dragon Age Inquisition?

This guide is designed to provide you locations of all Oculara and Shards in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Hinterlands

  • Ocularum I: The Outskirts – 4 Shards.
  • Ocularum II: Lake Luthias – 4 Shards.
  • Ocularum III: Redcliffe Farms – 5 Shards.
  • Ocularum IV: Grand Forest Villa – 5 Shards.
  • Ocularum V: Lady Shayna's Valley – 4 Shards.

Furthermore, how do you get shards in Lady Shayna's Valley? There is a shard that is indicated to be located in the Hinterlands Lady Shayna's Valley. It is indicated to located within and/or on top of the spirals located in the middle of the valley.

Similarly one may ask, where are all the landmarks in the hinterlands?

Nine landmark locations are scattered about the Hinterlands:

  • Broken Bridge - slightly north-west of Upper Lake Camp, west of Fort Connor.
  • Lornan's Exile - South of Dwarfson's Pass Camp.
  • Redcliffe Windmill - up left from the entrance in Redcliffe Village.
  • Hero of Ferelden monument - in Redcliffe village.

How many shards are there in Dragon Age Inquisition?

The shards are found in almost every region in Dragon Age: Inquisition, which means you should save this quest until you've gone through a good portion of the game. Once you collect at least 18 shards, head to the door at the end of the Temple of Pride quest.

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