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When was ragtime written?

December 8, 1996

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Regarding this, when was the musical Ragtime written?

The musical was written by Terrence McNally, and made its world premiere at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts in Toronto on December 8th, 1996. The show debuted on Broadway on January 18th, 1998, and ran for two years and over 800 performances before it closed in 2000.

Furthermore, who wrote the play ragtime? Terrence McNally

Likewise, people ask, when was ragtime music popular?

1899 to 1917

Was Coalhouse Walker a real person?

REAL CHARACTERS. The hero of "Ragtime," the musical and the novel, is the fictional piano-playing firebrand Coalhouse Walker Jr. Here is a guide to the real people portrayed in "Ragtime," which begins previews Tuesday and opens Nov. 8 at the Oriental Theatre, 24 E.

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