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When was Charles Lindbergh's flight?

May 21, 1927

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Similarly, it is asked, how long was Charles Lindbergh's flight?

33 hours

One may also ask, where did Lindbergh's flight start? Le Bourget Field

Likewise, people ask, what was the significance of Charles Lindbergh's flight?

Charles Lindbergh was a famous aviator. In 1927 he became the first man to successfully fly an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean. He called his airplane the Spirit of St. Louis, and his courageous feat helped make Missouri a leader in the developing world of aviation.

What was Charles Lindbergh's biggest problem in his solo flight?

Alone in the sky Lindbergh flew over Cape Cod and Nova Scotia, reaching the ocean as the sun set. Fog thickened in the night sky, and sleet formed on his plane when he attempted to pass through the clouds. He struggled with drowsiness, fighting to stay awake as he sometimes flew only 10 feet above the ocean.

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