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When the injury is created more as a result of crushing between objects the event should be recorded as?

When the impact alone creates the injury, the event should be recorded as Struck. When the injury is created more as a result of crushing injuries between objects, the event should be recorded as Caught.

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Furthermore, what is it called when an injury is produced by forcible contact impact between a person and an object or a piece of equipment?

Struck-by injuries are produced by forcible contact or impact between the injured person and an object or piece of equipment. Having said that, it is important to point out that in construction, struck-by hazards can resemble caught–in or –between hazards.

One may also ask, what can create a caught between hazard? Caught-in/between hazards are caused when a worker is compressed between or gets caught in equipment or objects. It also includes when a worker is killed by getting caught, struck or crushed from materials, equipment or a collapsing structure.

Similarly one may ask, what major hazard includes incidents where a person or part of a person was injured by being squeezed?

A caught in or -between hazard is defined by: "injuries resulting from a person being squeezed, caught, crushed, pinched, or compressed between tow or more objects, or between parts of an object."

What type of injuries can occur in a struck by incident?

A caught in or between injury may be similar to struck by injuries, but caught in or between injuries can be determined if the injury was created more as a result of a crushing injury between two objects. Struck by hazards are categorized by: flying object, falling object, swinging object or rolling object.

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