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When the carpet matches the drapes meaning?

Phrase. the carpet matches the drapes. (colloquial, vulgar, humorous) A woman's pubic hair is of the same colour as the hair on her head, i.e. her hair is not dyed.

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Also to know is, does the carpet match the drapes response?

That hair will stay the same color. If someone has just been complemented on their hair, and they say that the carpet is the same as the drapes, they are both pointing out that the hair color is natural and, curiously, encouraged their company to form a mental image of their private parts.

Subsequently, question is, does the carpet match the drapes for gingers? Allow me to let you sickos in on a little piece of information: the carpet DOES, in fact, match the drapes. SHOCK! It's not red hair up top and all the colors of the rainbow down below. So, yeah, just like brunettes have brown hair on their head and below the belt, redheads match too.

Similarly, you may ask, should curtains match carpet?

The carpet and drapes do not have to be a perfect match, they just have to blend well together. If your carpet is a soft green, go for a hunter or lime green for curtains. As long as the two are in the same color family, it is hard to go wrong.

Why do blondes have black pubic hair?

A high amount of eumelanin with little phaeomelanin results in black or brown hair. As the ratio of eumelanin to phaeomelanin lessens, the result is red, ginger, and blonde hair. This is why pubic hair is sometimes a slightly different colour from hair elsewhere. The absence of melanin later in life causes white hair.

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